Located in Crestline, OHIO,  specializing on installing open and closed cell spray foam insulation, I've owned & operated J&J Spray, Inc. since 2008 and pride myself on using only the best materials, customer satisfaction, honesty and professionalism. 


An air tight, seamless, non shrinking thermal insulation that helps provide structural strength (also, when properly installed; spray foam can be a Class 2 Vapor Barrier, is a Class A fire rating and has no food value for mold) spray foam insulation is fast becoming the preferred insulation for home owners & contractors for all types of projects. It offers many benefits over and is far superior to all other types of insulation. Although it may have a higher initial cost, the investment has usually paid for itself in 4-5 years.


In addition to RESIDENTIAL (existing, new builds & remodels/additions) jobs, we offer  the following services to COMMERCIAL, INDUSTRIAL, MEDICAL, EDUCATIONAL & AGRICULTURAL structures:


  •                                                                  →  Spray Foam (open & closed                        cell)                                               

  •     Dense Pack / open blown cellulose

  •     Kraft Fiberglass / Other Fiberglass

  •     Blower door testing

  •     Inferred testing

  •   →  Residential Home Energy Audits

  •     Free Estimates


      •  J&J Spray, Inc. Weatherization Program, an accredited contractor of the Better BusinessSafe Certified firm 
      •  and a preferred installer for Home Depot & Carter Lumber. 


For a free estimate or additional information on spray foam insulation or our other products/services call our office at 419-552-0168 or by email at jjsprayfoam@yahoo.com


Thank you.

Josh Keller


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